Hauntingly Beyond

by Dyr Faser

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After a perfectly humane cull, Dyr Faser return as a two-piece, the flexed biceps now being Eric Boomhower (vocals, guitar, synths) and Amelia May (vocals, guitar). Eric’s skill at choosing his collaborators is to be noted – the relationships he makes with his fellow musicians is more akin to a biological merging of personalities and talents than a process of painstakingly calibrating musical styles. The result, as here in this four-track EP of new material, is fiercely apathetic of your opinions, though is content to stun you, drag you into its den and stab you in the face, whilst still expecting a ‘thank-you’.
A case in point is opener, Glass Oceans, a master class in soporific enchantment, the vocal harmonies reaching deep inside you and delivering the kind of deliciously agonising cramp you get in your leg into your eardrums. They find a sweet spot in their sound and wring the bejesus out of it. By the four-minute mark, something feels wrong: the devil notes they return to again and again start to feel like wasp stings, a relentless barrage of tones which is relieved only by a blessed fade-out…only for the music to fade back in again. I can’t remember the last track I heard that faded back in. It’s a welcome return.
Deep Well, with its rattling plastic drum beats and quacking pedalled-to-the-guts guitar sound, offers a less dangerous ride on the surface, though this is inevitably a false dawn as Amelia’s towering falsetto launches into Edda Dell’Orso-esque vocals to create a disorienting landscape. There are flashes of Velvet Underground in Dyr Faser’s work but only their more devilish side and with rather more glee in the results of their labours. The track doesn’t fade back in but your brain will have already admitted defeat.
All By Heart is more gentle with the listener – an attempt to revive their audience before their last supper, perhaps. I forgot to mention that each of the tracks on the EP come with accompanying videos. As you might expect, they are not Saturday primetime – All By Heart’s featuring a spidery silhouette of a cowled puppet scarecrow with dinner fork hands. It’s both more intriguing and unsettling than many horror films I’ve seen of late. What it says about the track specifically I don’t know but as a two-pronged assault, it’s magical and upsetting.
Closer, North East Rising Sun, offers slightly more hope and less vindictiveness. If Sunn O))) is early February, Dyr Faser is mid-June. Their treatment of sound is similar – an understanding of tempo and space; less is more; more is euphorically punishing. This is at least the second time you’ve been told and eventually you’ll listen – one of the best things you’ll hear all year.
- Daz Lawrence, reprobatemagazine.uk

Boston’s Soundscape Addicts DYR FASER Say Goodbye To 2017 With New 4-Track EP ‘HAUNTINGLY BEYOND’…
Followers of DYR FASER know that this Boston band is actually Eric Boomhower‘s project who makes music with changing, yet like-minded sound explorers. For this brand new
4-track EP titled ‘HAUNTINGLY BEYOND’ he worked with singer/songwriter and guitarist Amelia May who also created the intriguingly beautiful horses painting for the cover sleeve. Boomhower‘s strength, to my ears, is about turning the sheer power of sonic repetition into mind-pleasing experiences. Why try to stuff one track with multiple, complex, arty farty grooves when you can activate people’s phantasy with just a few trippy resonances on repeat that feel like a never-ending massage. It’s all about the right vibe, the right hook and the right riff to create an ongoing relaxing spirituality. There are plenty of electrical, blue-sky musings here, including striking vocals – especially on Deep Well – taking the final result to another hauntingly intense level. Discover the radiant nightdreams here…
The ‘Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra’ of psychedelic, 21st century ballades…
- Turn Up The Volume!, Belgium

After hearing such indie anthems as ‘Den Of Sables‘ and ‘Estranged‘, I originally thought “Where can they take it from here?” Thankfully, Dyr Faser have answered that question with their new EP titled ‘Hauntingly Beyond’. This band is hard to pin to a genre and even harder to nail to a style, but Dyr Faser have a consistency that many bands lack in some way, shape, or form nowadays that is nestled deep and secure within their original minds. Bravo!
- Jammerzine.com

Boston based FZB favorites Dyr Faser are back with a new EP, Hauntingly Beyond. The duo of Eric Boomhower and Amelia May deliver four tracks of atmospheric psychedelic music, with tons of reverb, a dark sheen and droney overtones. Twangy guitar lines move the pieces forward as vocals and synths swirl about in an endless cacophony of tasty pop music. The EP could benefit from a better production as the vocals are too buried, and EQ notching would separate the instruments more; but as a whole this is a thoroughly enjoyable work.
- Floorshime Zipper Boots

DYR FASER ... performing a hearty set in Somerville on Feb 5. Headlining in a cool setting w/ appreciative audience.
Great to hear new songs from "Hauntingly Beyond", at times delicate ... at other times dense (or both?) layers of interwoven guitars & drum tracks & more guitars & synth-sequencers & voice with novel syncopation (proverbial Scott Joplin of the electro psychedelic ambient drone rock motif). More memorably catchy hooks (hello "Deep Well") this time w/ heavier (if not at times meatier) accompaniment. A nice compliment when paired w/ the hauntingly beautiful vocals from Amelia on songs from "Beat a Minute".
And hey ... this evening brings a Beatles cover disguised within a Dyr Faser interpretation!
- David D. Smith

Dyr Faser's material is hard to pin down to any orthodox way of thinking. It has a free-flowing nature where shoegaze, dream-pop, darkwave and psychedelic dynamics all seem to interplay.
- radiowigwam.co.uk

DYR FASER released their newest EP on Bandcamp. Go check it out and then see them perform it live at ONCE Somerville in two weeks. The enchanting duo has graced our stage, bringing haunting psychedelic sound waves that make you melt under their spell.
- Once Somerville

"This band is hard to pin to a genre and even harder to nail to a style ..." --- yes, I struggle with this myself when describing the show to others ... and frankly that sorta adds to the appealing mystery of the sounds.
- David D. Smith

Dyr Faser - A thing of pensive beat driven beauty...techy ethereal - in a good way. Love these folks a lot.
- Linda Jung

Really enjoying the new ep. Deep Well is so beautiful.
- Dan Rosato, Your 33 Black Angels NYC

Great show! I picked up some Siouxsie and the Banshees sounds in your set. And I dug it when the bass kicked in and it got layered with the ethereal vocals.
- Anyah Lee

Continue to be impressed ... the formula really works for me : intertwined guitars + vocals both perhaps mournful & maybe subtley elated + minimalist synth & sweet drum beds = AOK.
- David D. Smith

This is rad. 'All By Heart' is especially SICK.
- Ilona Virostek

Wonderful! I'd expect no less.
- David Michael Hagan

Dyr Faser stuff on YouTube is amazing!
- John Straub

Beautiful! Love this! Always happy to find something new and really good!
- Ryland Zane

I heart Dyr Faser! Thank you for continually making great music!
- Emily Arkin

It's really moving and beautiful.
- Lindsay Crudele

Soundscapes for the twilight hours.
- Turn Up The Volume!, Belgium

Love your band!
- Lester Brome, Kerviniou Recordz

Dreamy, upbeat sound!
- Carol Harris Maxfield

Beautiful, love it.
- Dez DeCarlo

Superb sounds with a unique touch!
- Rick McClure

It's rare to come across such fresh & intriguing music.
- Sailor Marie Bliss

Great band. Great People.
- Bronx Cheerleader


released December 13, 2017

Eric Boomhower > vocals, guitar, synth, Casio
Amelia May > vocals, guitar

All songs written by Eric Boomhower & Amelia May.
Recorded by Eric Boomhower.
Cover painting by Amelia May.


all rights reserved



Dyr Faser Boston, Massachusetts


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