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Not trying too hard is the unsung rule of music disregarded by many, if not most, bands. Extra band members; lyrical references to obscure things so as to impress people; ‘an agenda’…anything along these lines takes you ever further away from the music – of course, sometimes, this can be a blessing. Dyr Faser understand this. There are only three of them (less to go wrong); they seem dedicated to creating a sound which is neither immediately classifiable nor obviously dipping in the pools of other artists; they appear utterly apathetic to any attempts to make them manufactured in any way. Indeed, the only negative I can find is that spell-check really doesn’t approve of their name.
The whole E.P. is replete with swooning, almost horizontal vocals, courtesy of Eric Boomhower (extra points for the name), never drifting into pseudo-mysticism, despite the meandering, echoing hush that is formed around it. Though this could be easily lost, his support in the band – veteran guitarist and singer Thalia Zedek (whose solo work should be investigated at once, should it not already be on constant repeat on your dancette), as well as synth wrangler Kate Murray, are beyond sympathetic – their criss-crossing spurts of crushing melody and Suicide-ish iron-clad rhythms are a rare thing to behold. Dyr Faser are a band who play music so organically that it baffles that they can ever repeat the sounds they make – the songs on Trio sound like a single entity giving birth, a moment both magical and at once gone forever.
I’m going to resist breaking down the tracks into individual gobbets of reportage. The music Dyr Faser makes should be listened to as a full-on immersive experience – for shame if you skip any tracks or elect favourites. Their sound is anywhere from a New York basement, to a peyote plantation in New Mexico to a sparsely attended knackered bar in Berlin. Close your eyes and you’re there, this is music that has such a deft touch you can smell it and lick it. There is more depth and emotion in the synthetic beats and loops than in a thousand average guitars, that the guitar work on top of this is both elegant and gently probing makes this a band of such potential and velvety menace that you wonder how you ever managed without them. One of the best music releases this year.
- Daz Lawrence,

While Dyr Faser began as a solo project, it is now a real band. Not only is it a real band, it's one that features Thalia Zedek (Live Skull, Come). Called Trio, the newest EP dropped on Friday and it's now time to get caught up with the compelling tunes made by this trio of Eric Boomhower, Thalia Zedek, and Katherine "Kate" Murray.
While the title cut charms, it's the superb second track, "Estranged", that immediately grabs a listener. Riding in on a few slide-guitar lines, Boomhower's vocals sound like nothing so much as Jason Pierce's on an old Spacemen 3 side. As the guitars offer up intertwining figures, the keyboards and drum machine patterns add texture. This is an excellent example of the various strengths of this band. Elsewhere, "Don't" works up a fine Krautrock-meets-Thurston Moore-style riff, while "Just a Face" adds a bit of menace to proceedings, Boomhower's treated voice echoing in from somewhere far away. "Koso Biru", featured on an earlier Dyr Faser release in a shorter version, is here expanded into a near-epic, all Stones-y takes on the blues filtered through a very modern sensibility. On closer "Hybrid Souls", Dyr Faser share a cut that has a listener feel like something is being barely held in check. There's a sense of doom creeping up through the near-surging riffs as the drum machine races behind them. It's a pretty good distillation of the band's sound and it encompasses so many essential elements of the post-punk era that it's a bit hard to even begin to categorize this sort of thing.
At their best, Dyr Faser make music that is beyond shoegaze styles and which remains poised somewhere between early Ultra Vivid Scene, Spiritualized, and Daydream Nation (1988)-era Sonic Youth. The cuts are expansive and a bit noisy at the same time. Soundtracks for a new landscape, Dyr Faser have taken inspiration from the No New York era as they've created something entirely more modern.

Pronounced “deer FAH-ser” *or* “deer FAY-zer” (usually the former). It’s Danish for “animal phases,” yo. Their rapid ramp-up made for Boston’s biggest creative boom this year. Eric Boomhower is the aural warlock with a cauldron full of restless post-punk rituals marinated in No Wave and Krauty mystery. This cross-pollination makes for a totally reconstructed and original type of 21st century psych that seeps into far corners of expression that very few others even attempt to reach. Catch them live for full effect! Joining in the noble experiment-quest is Kate Murray on synth and local legend Thalia Zedek (gtr & occasional vocals) in her most creative undertaking since her ’80s project Uzi.
- Kris Thompson, Boston Hassle

Mentioned these dudes very recently, in fact when they appeared in a recent batch of new groove from Silber with a ‘5 in 5’ outing, this comes pulled from a new EP entitled ‘trio’ it being ‘den of sables’ they being Dyr Faser – a hot wiring psychotronic prairie pretty whose bloodline is loosely populated by Gun Club, Violent Femmes and R L Burnside strains with this heading fast down the track smoking and chugging to a killer dragster dialect that comes replete with its own shades sporting a coolly coalesced swagger in its wake.

This experimental trio is determined to activate your body and mind with electro (kraut)rock explorations. DYR FASER develop an ongoing motorik drive that will creep slowly but surely into your unsuspecting brain. DON’T will make your limbs go spastic. Groovy as hell. Like The Velvet Underground jamming with The Dandy Warhols in a space shuttle. Trippy in a mind-twisting way. Join the dazzling ride here…

Boston experimental space rock trio Dyr Faser is out with a new single ahead of their fourth EP, Trio, out in October.
Estranged, a spaghetti western tinged stream-of-consciousness slow-burner that clocks in at just over seven minutes, could be the soundtrack to that peyote scene in The Doors movie, or perhaps the score to your next psychedelic journey.
A phaser-wired drum kit and liberal use of the slide guitar provide the sonic background to frontman Eric Boomhower’s musings on a mind and soul both estranged. “It’s complicated, as you know,” he sings. “I don’t need to explain.” No he doesn’t; the music speaks for itself: A krautrockian saunter through a desert of sudden sand tornados, strange bird calls, and skittering tumbleweeds.
So put aside that eighth of mushrooms you have left over after your Burning Man experience and save it for an evening with Dyr Faser. They may just be at a city near you as they wrap up a tour with Your 33 Black Angels and blog-faves The Veldt.

Boston based DYR FASER have developed their expertise in electro-based space rock. This inventive 3-piece ensemble features former Live Skull and Uzi member Thalia Zedek (guitar/slide guitar/backing vocals) alongside Eric Boomhower (lead vocals/guitar/synths) and
Katherine Murray (synths/piano). Their material is hard to pin down to any orthodox way of thinking. It has a free-flowing nature where shoegaze, dream-pop, darkwave and psychedelic dynamics all seem to interplay.

Dyr Faser – “Estranged”
A Spill Exclusive Music Premiere
I can’t say that I’ve explored modern indie bands from Boston very much – but already the past month has brought several really good indie outfits to my attention, including Skyjelly and Dyr Faser. Today we premiere the new single for the latter band. Called “Estranged”, this is the first offering from the forthcoming Trio EP.
On “Estranged”, Dyr Faser offer a dreamy droney concoction of genres. Upon first listen to “Estranged”, I was intrigued at how seamlessly they’ve blended the space trance element blends with such an endearing lo-fi psychedelic feel, summoning the vibe of such bands as Spacemen 3, The Velvet Underground, Spiritualized and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Among relative newcomers to the music scene, The Underground Youth also comes to mind, albeit with a clearly southern guitar dynamic lacking in most of the bands mentioned.
Dyr Faser is a three-piece comprised of Eric Boomhower (vocals, guitar, synth, Casio), Katherine ‘Kate’ Murray (synth), and Thalia Zedek (guitar, slide, backing vocals), best known for her key role in Live Skull and Come, which she formed with Codeine’s Chris Brokaw before releasing four albums together and extensive international touring.
Dyr Faser frontman Eric Boomhower explains: “We made this record after years of Thalia and I supporting each other’s music. As one time housemates, we talked about music a lot. And unbelievably, I found Kate who shared a love for Krautrock and space rock. With this EP I hope to bring these sounds and talent to the pop world”.
Dyr Faser Trio will be self-released on October 14 and is already available for pre-order via Bandcamp. If we’ve managed to quickly convert you into a fan, take the opportunity to catch one of their upcoming shows (listed below) as they’ve just kicked off their ‘Flat Earth and No Dinosaurs’ tour with with Your 33 Black Angels and The Veldt.
- Spill Magazine, September 2016

Exclusive Premiere: Dyr Faser’s “Estranged”
Written by: Matt Sloan
We’re pretty excited here at Stereo Embers to premiere the new track from Dyr Faser.
Taken from their forthcoming Trio EP the track is called “Estranged” and it’s filled with a rolling, dark majesty.
This Boston band have a sound that’s filled with mystery and darkness and this number is not only inventive and unforgettable–electronic, phased-out beats wind and pulsate as a backdrop to some impeccable slide guitar action, kraut rock trance and pure synth ambience.
Combining space rock and post-punk, Dyr Faser create original and dark soundscapes–their music feels like a series of sonic soliloquies meant to clarify a cluttered mind.
- Stereo Embers, September 2016

Live show review (tour kickoff), Once Lounge Somerville MA 9-2-16:
Dyr Faser’s sound is something that needs to be experienced live. The video above as well as me trying to convey just how awesome their reverb drenched music can fill up the small-ish room does it no justice. A project of Eric Boomhower on guitar, with Thalia Zedek on another guitar and keyboardist Kate Murray all jamming over a drum machine, this trio created some seriously dark sounding music that completely wraps itself around you.

Thought provoking and eclectic combined with a penchant for the obscure, DYR FASER achieve sonic bliss with their new single titled “Estranged”. The song itself certainly is estranged. Estranged from the norm and tedious predictability of conventional music. This is what makes Dyr Faser a band to watch if you are a connoisseur of true progressive music.

Boston-based trio Dyr Faser have announced they will release their new EP Trio and are teasing this new release with forerunner single ‘Estranged’. We have the video premiere above. ‘Estranged’ fuses electronic beats, with hypnotic vocals, and psych-country tinged licks it fondly reminds one of early Primal Scream with a dash of Pink Floyd. It’s the delightfully rumbling sound of travelling across the desert in the middle of a storm.

Trio is the new album from Boston Band Dyr Faser. The six tracks defy simple genres by taking elements from blues, synthpop, psychedelic and rock to deliver an album of surprising versatility and depth. With a bit of a Chris Isaak feel and a darkish sheen, Dyr Faser unleash a multitude of creativity in an album as compelling as they come. A definite must have. Watch the video for album track Den of Sables, then stream and buy Trio at the link below.

'Den Of Sables' is the first of six tracks on the 'Trio' EP. The band seemingly swim through genres, grabbing whatever parts are right, and with the end result of constructing some intriguing and hypnotic music. It would be easy to describe the bands music as experimental at least in part, with reflection though, I would suggest they have already done the experiments, and are at the stage of crafting distinctive and for me, totally absorbing music.

From Boston, meet Dyr Faser with their new Trio EP available October 14 and we give you the following advance listen to their electrified eccentric brews. “Den of Sables” kicks off the action like a tribute to the fallen idol Alan Vega & Suicide, with “Estranged” taking you deeper into the psychedelic stratospheres, while “Don’t” brings about new uplifting realizations. “Just a Face” continues the desert wobble & wander, while “Kōsō Biru” keeps the chords cooking with purpose, before everything arrives at a boil with “Hybrid Souls”.

HYBRID SOULS by Boston sound explorers DYR FASER is just one intriguing trip of a bigger, adventurous sound expedition – new EP TRIO – you should introduce to your hungry mind instantly after connecting with this exploit. Its irresistible, repetitive drive
will find its way to your rhythmic bloodstream, slowly but surely. Minimalist, yet very rich with several layers. Experimental, yet very direct and accessible. Mysterious and weird, yet very addictive. A sonic canvas colored with synths atmospherics, trippy loops and a throbbing drum machine interwoven with glimmering guitar lines while gloomy vocals feed the ongoing dynamics with dark sentiments. Imagine that 60s New York gang VU starting to jam 24 hours straight with those twisted Suicide geniuses somewhere in an abandoned basement in Boston while looking at avant-garde movies by genre pioneer Adolfas Mekas. Try this mind-stimulating experience, preferably on your headphones with dimmed lights and you’ll get enslaved unconsciously…
- (Belgium)

Listening to their most recent EP entitled Trio, at first I am reminded of the album Cubist Blues by Alan Vega, Alex Chilton & Ben Vaughn, though more chill & put-together than the latter, then it seems more like an American version of an 80s New Zealand band mashed with a Sarah Records band or similar-minded/sounding British 90s twee band, that is, gothy, more on the gauzy side than polished/clean, synth(s), boy-girl vocals, drum machine (or is that a rhythm track of a Casio through a pedal?).
- Ismael Ricardo Archbold, Austin Jukebox/Super Secret Records

14th October sees the release of the “Trio” EP by Boston’s DYR FASER who take psych garage rock and elevate it another level with the use of beats and synths. Mesmerising, slightly Krautrock and enough jangly guitars to shake a stick at. DYR FASER is comprised of Eric Boomhower (vocals, guitar, synth, Casio), Thalia Zedek (guitar, slide, backing vocals) and Katherine ‘Kate’ Murray (synth). Most enjoyable.

Late 60s psychedelic rock mixed up with 70s Krautrock is the modus operandi of Dyr Faser. It’s wonderfully lo-fi with a penchant for Lou Reed-type mumblings. Arrangements are somewhat spare with production values somewhat austere but there is a sense that the music on Trio is made for its own sake. The opening “Den of Sables” is the clear highlight here.

Electronically driven and melodically sound, Dyr Faser up the ante with their new single “Den of Sables”. Fresh off the heels of their last single “Estranged”, the band takes their music in a new direction with a thumping proto-beat with sliding, dirty guitars and an electric backbeat worthy of any post-modern foot-stomp. Well done!

Dyr Faser – Estranged
The beats have a similar effect like Trans Europe Express by Kraftwerk but Dyr Faser gives it a rock feel by feeding it nice guitars and a define human voice. The guitar music is strangely hypnotic, giving a nice warm glow that takes me away into a zone in which everything is estranged in quality music that seems to build a bridge between America and Europe in psychedelic style.

Languid psych tripping into dance territory that owes more to Cabaret Voltaire, Durutti Column & James than it does to Brian Jonestown Massacre. Giddily groovy.

The excellent, psyche sounding "Estranged" gets a spin on the Walrus & Carpenter Show on Rock Radio UK Tuesday 7 - 9 p.m. (UK time) , love the phasey drum sound.
- Rock Radio UK

‘Don’t’ by DYR FASER (Boston, Massachusetts, US)
Imagine The Velvet Underground causing some freakish moves on a krautrock dance floor…
On: new engrossing 6-track album ‘Trio‘
- (Belgium)

Boston based band Dyr Faser is a 3-piece ensemble making a very unique mixture of darkwave, psychedelic, shoegaze, Krautrock and dream-pop. Very worth a listen and if they could get enough airplay they might get more well known.

DYR FASER = Hats, Magic, Alchemy, Darkness, Beats, Rhythm, Words of Wisdom, Stream of Consciousness & Sharp every time.
- Mounira Marzouki

Excellent psych/kraut/electro crossover out of Boston.

‘Don’t’ by DYR FASER (Boston, US)
Mind-stimulating trip to experience on your headphones with the lights dimmed…
- (Belgium)

Italian review:
Dyr Faser è una band post progressive/proto goth/psychedelic rock/post-punk di Boston formata da Eric Boomhower(voce, guitar, synth, Casio), Thalia Zedek(chitarra, slide, voce) e Katherine Murray(synth, piano). Qui parliamo del loro disco “Trio” in uscita in autunno.
Il loro sound è davvero singolare e ci ha stupiti molto. Den of sables, primo pezzo di questo loro lavoro, ci introduce ad un mondo sonoro dai colori sgargianti. Questa canzone mi ha fatto pensare a due canzoni molto simili tra loro “Gli spari sopra” di Vasco Rossi e “Celebrate” di An Emotional Fish la quale riprende la musica di “Gli spari sopra”.
Poi arriva Estranged con le sue “atmosfere” alquanto mistiche ed evocative. Dyr Faser ci porta in un universo alquanto spirituale, un universo pieno di suoni raggianti. Don’t è davvero inebriante e vibrante. E’ una canzone proprio ipnotica con i suoi suoni alquanto ripetitivi. Verso la fine della canzone c’è un climax magnifico!
Just a face è stupendamente psychedelic rock: ci porta in un mondo di colori brillanti ed allucinanti. Arriviamo in una dimensione incantata e meravigliosa ascoltando Just a face. Dyr Faser è una band che di sicuro non passa inosservata: cattura l’attenzione anche dell’ascoltatore più distratto!
Kōsō biru è proprio lucente e radiosa. Il sound di Dyr Faser è estremamente emozionante, elettrizzante, a tratti fa venire la pelle d’oca. Con Kōsō biru finiamo in un vortice sonoro alquanto inebriante.
Hybrid souls chiude questo album stupendo con suoni, a tratti, abbastanza ruvidi e marcati. Hybrid souls ci ha colpito particolarmente: è la canzone che preferiamo di questo album, una canzone che presenta influenze post-punk e ci ha fatto pensare a band come Joy Division e Siouxsie and the Banshees. Hybrid souls è calda e appassionante, è incredibilmente psichedelica ed evocativa.
Quindi, come non consigliarvi Trio, un album con il quale intraprendere un viaggio in una dimensione piena di luci fulgide e di tante fantasmagorie…

Spanish review:
Acaban de lanzar este mismo mes un nuevo trabajo, pero mientras nos llega, nos vamos a ocupar de su anterior obra, este “Trio” que Dyr Faser lanzaban a mediados del pasado mes de octubre.
Aunque en un primer momento Dyr Faser comenzó como un proyecto individual, actualmente este grupo de Boston es ya una verdadera banda en la que además de Eric Boomhower (voces, guitarra, sintetizador y compositor de todos los temas), incluye a la conocida Thalia Zedek (Come, Live Skull Thalia Zedek Band) a la guitarra y coros y a Katherine Murray a los teclados.
Difíciles de encajar en un sonido o escena concretos, la música de Dyr Faser nos puede remitir sin embargo a referentes muy dispares. Así, se les ha relacionado con nombres como Suicide, Depeche Mode, Durruti Column, Kraftwerk o Pink Floyd; personalmente añadiría a Pixies por el registro vocal de Boomhower (escucha por ejemplo el tema que cierra el EP, “Hybrid Souls”, y atrévete a negar el parecido con Frank Black; parecido que debo recalcar solo se circunscribe a la voz).
La música de Dyr Faser está basada esencialmente en el rock de guitarras, pero no resulta nada convencional gracias a su enfoque y al uso de la electrónica como base que sustenta su construcción sónica. El uso de la caja de ritmos le aporta además una cualidad sintética que, al contrario de lo que algunos puristas de los instrumentos acústicos puedan pensar, casa a la perfección con los sintetizadores que en este caso ponen la base rítmica de las canciones. Unas canciones cargadas de ambientes hipnóticos en los que la voz se usa casi como un instrumento más para formar un todo inseparable y orgánico. Esta idea de unidad también viene reforzada por las propias seis canciones, que parecen concebidas como una única entidad destinada a ser consumida en bloque y no por cortes.
“Trio”, en definitiva, gustará a todos aquellos que no se contentan con los sonidos de siempre y gustan de la experimentación y de expandir los límites. Dyr Faser estarán por aquí de gira el próximo mayo, lo que será una buena oportunidad de conocer de primera mano su propuesta.


released October 14, 2016

Eric Boomhower > vocals, guitar, synth, Casio
Thalia Zedek > guitar, slide, backing vocals
Katherine Murray > synth, piano

All songs written by Eric Boomhower.
Recorded by Andy Abrahamson at the Berwick, Roxbury MA.
Cover art live still projection by Eric Krauter of Vidumami (Aurora, Providence RI 8/26/16). Photo by Christopher Kelley of The Invisible Hours.



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Dyr Faser Boston, Massachusetts

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