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Volum 1

by Dyr Faser

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Kōsō Biru 07:04
Hybrid Souls 07:47
Don't 05:46
Estranged 07:20



DYR FASER - Volum 1
Dyr Faser started life as a solo project by Eric Boomhower, but now includes Thalia Zedek of Come, E, and Live Skull. Thalia is only featured on one song here, but now plays live in the group. This album has seemingly minimalist guitar parts that melt into each other, and some tricky guitar scales creep into the mix when you least expect it. The ebow will lure your ship to the rocks. Boomhower creates a kind of dreamworld where Robert Fripp and Robert Smith jam over an 808 drum machine. It's like acid rain falling gently on the rusty machines in the outer space rain forest fever dream. You are floating in space but dancing with death. Titles like “Doorway to Nowhere” and “Ways to Levitate” should tip you off as to where this trip is headed. Keep smiling, put the disc on repeat. There is nothing to fear but silence. Don’t sleep on this album, get on your hovercraft and go get it now!
- (Eric Baylies) thenoise-boston.com

DYR FASER - Volum 1
This is just really thoughtful, melodic, dreamy and awesome stuff. Makes me feel like I should be floating on an inner-tube with some music device and good headphones, eyes closed on a lazy river with the sun beating down on me. I just typed that but also kind of reminds me of mellower Genesis P. Orridge. Highly recommended!
- satellite.com/joshs-digital-bin-6//www.onpirate

Live show review, Industry Lab Cambridge MA, June 29th 2016:
A short false alarm of police notwithstanding, Dyr Faser’s lush psychedelic romp of a set was the deliciously chilled out cruise we all needed to take. Anchored to the filtered whooshing of an 808 drum machine, Eric Boomhower and Thalia Zedek weaved a multilayered net of slippery, delayed Velvets-inspired guitars, alternating rhythm and lead with mesmerizing effectiveness. Watercolor melodies dashed out with crystal clear reverb from Boomhower’s guitar, drawing jangling answers from Zedek’s almost immediately; the two were particularly locked in on set highlight “Koso Biru”, a dreamy raga jam that had the crowd head-bopping down a dusky country road. Slow motion projections of kids at play, dark forests, and mysterious wooden buildings could not have been more fitting. Zedek’s ethereal cooing and splashes of synthesizer were particular highlights, adding even more dazzling color to an already vibrant set. With a single unison guitar note crashing together in perfect unity, Dyr Faser took a bow, closing out their tour and surely winning over new hometown converts.
- bostonhassle.com/went-there-72-insect-factory-dyr-faser-sam-rog-aninverter-industry-lab/

DYR FASER (Eric Boomhower accompanied for live shows by indie rock legend Thalia Zedek) do lush, simple, vulnerable music, with twin reverb guitars over casio drum machine beats and a bit of cheap organ. The video projections on the musicians made it look and feel like we’re seeing early Pink Floyd / Velvet Underground… except those bands didn’t play in a weird gift shop!
- The Noise Boston, Dec. 16th 2015

It has that certain something, an appealing quality of sounds that gel together organically, that can not be taught or learned, just expressed intuitively... and the production/ recording sounds great and suits the music.
- Rob Byrd, www.robbyrd.com

Live show review, Washington DC, June 25th 2016:
Boston's Dyr Faser offered up a unique set of noise-rock that blended blues riffs with samples and fiery bits of Sonic Youth-esque guitar hooks into something wholly original. The band, a two-piece consisting of Eric Boomhower and the legendary Thalia Zedek (Live Skull, Come), managed to unfurl lines of guitar-weirdness that remained focused despite being entirely avant-garde and bracing. Traces of bands as disparate as Throbbing Gristle and Zedek's own Come showed themselves tonight in the band's music and I immediately rushed home and looked to see what was available from this group on Bandcamp.
- apessimistisneverdisappointed.com

I am getting to like this guy the more I listen to his music. Eric Boomhower gets help from Thalia Zedek on guitar on the track "Koso Biru". Sure it's a guy with a keyboard. Sure they aren't real drums. I feel that programmed drums have their place - and this is it. As a drummer, I wouldn't want to play a repetitive beat like this... I am not a metronome, I am a musician. One who keeps the beat... but also one who colors it. So to the acoustic drum purists... "faux" beats have a function and I cannot think of a better platform. The music is mesmerizing, invigorating, melodic, and, after a few listens, spinning around and around in my head. At first I was wary of playing something that may be construed as "Techno Pop" but this was so good and had many Prog elements to it, therefore for my own personal purposes, it is now labeled "Progressive Techno Rock". Modern Prog, if you will. And when all else fails, I compare the music to Pink Floyd.... "Would the Floyd do this?" Why yes, yes, they would... albeit with real drums (wink).
- julsprogkastblog.blogspot.com

Dyr Faser - looking forward to hearing more from them. Haunting songs - nice guitar interplay - great performance. Was I the only one who got a wiff of Kraftwerk from the combination of drum/synth-loop bed & the visual projections (ack .. by he whose name I cannot recall)? Coupling this with the guitar work ... way cool.
- David D. Smith

Dark, winding, and krauty. Electronic, phased-out beats wind and
pulsate underneath gorgeous guitar and synth lines.
- bostonhassle.com

DYR FASER is the most entrancingly innovative band in Boston right now.
- Kris Thompson 5/29/16 (Prefab Messiahs)

Incredible night at Issyra Gallery! The sculptures were coming alive when Dyr Faser was playing. I had to remind myself that I didn't take acid.
- Karyn Kuhl, karynkuhl.bandcamp.com

DYR FASER Volum 1 is a wonderful swirl of synth and guitar, each song a dark, dangerous world of texture to get lost inside of.
- Marilyn Roxie, Vulpiano Records

Ghost trance music.
- Clicky Clicky Music Blog, Nov. 12th 2015

Doubt thou the stars are fire. Doubt that the sun doth move. Doubt truth to be a liar. But never doubt DYR FASER's darkwave & haunting echoes.
- Mounira Marzouki, Boston Hassle


released October 25, 2015

Eric Boomhower > vocals, guitar, synth, Casio, ebow
Thalia Zedek > 2nd guitar on Kōsō Biru

All songs written and recorded by Eric Boomhower.
Performed live in home studio.
Thanks to Andy Abrahamson for audio 'post processing'.

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Dyr Faser Boston, Massachusetts


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